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29 June 2010 @ 11:32 am
And if the snow... (A Narnia Fan-made Music Video)  
Hello fellow Lewis fans. I hope this isn't straying too far from the community's purpose, but I've just finished a "fan vid" using clips from the two recent Narnia movies and I thought maybe some people here would be interested in seeing it.

Title: Tunnels (to Narnia)
Song & Artist: "Tunnels (Neighborhood #1) by The Arcade Fire
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia (mostly LW&W with a little bit of Prince Caspian toward the end)
Summary: Gen. Focus on the Pevensies. Tumnus, Aslan and the White Witch make appearances as well. Overall, it's a sort of melancholy, wistful vid. I guess, for me, it's sort of about the way people and surroundings change, due to outside forces and the simple passing of time. What remains at the core--what holds us together, interpersonally and intrapersonally? Familiar modes of escapism? Nostalgia? Love? C.S. Lewis would probably have something to say about all this, I'm sure.
(This way if you'd like to watch...)